The Plantarum is a Sydney based business that focuses on creating harmonious spaces in urban environments. Owned and operated by Sonia Killmore, The Plantarum offers a bespoke and personal plant orientated service. Sonia is able to design, install and maintain a green element to residential or commercial properties and event spaces. For further information on available services and rates please contact:. - +61 412 841 576

Riley St Garage

55 Riley Street,
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Restored into one of Sydney's great restaurants from a car depot built in 1934, Riley Street Garage is an ongoing maintenance collaboration for The Plantarum who in addition to originally covering the central drinks shelves, hallways and back bar, also weekly maintain and rotate the plants with a mix of Palms, Monsteras, Cacti, Hanging Plants and Succulents, plus Terrariums. 


Icebergs Terrace

1 Notts Avenue
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

With arguably the best view in Sydney, the previously unused space behind Icebergs Bar and Dining Room converted into Icebergs Terrace, delivering coffee, breakfast treats whilst being sounded by curated mini Cacti and Succulent gardens and the Pacific Ocean.


In Bed

Pop up shop - Surry Hills

For those of us wanting to spend more of our lives doing things (and people) we love, in bedrooms, we collaborated with In Bed and We Are Triibe on their Crown St, Surry Hills popup store. A temporary space filled with potted soft succulents, feminine cacti finished with an aged rubber tree where people could spend some time feeling the beautiful linen and enjoying coffee. All plants were potted in beautiful Anchor Ceramic planters, coming soon to The Plantarum. 


Semi Permanent

Carriageworks, Sydney

Each year when the creative festival comes to Carriageworks in Sydney and brings their design super stars like Ben Quilty and Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman, we connect the communal spaces, VIP room and on stage with greens including large leafy greens, like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monsteras and Spathiphyllum Sensations. The table tops where dotted with Succulents and Cacti, all potted in Weakend Club ceramics. See you there next year in May.


Vanishing Elephant

To celebrate Christmas, Vanishing Elephant commissioned us to bring green to a collection of Weak End Club pots with Succulents and Cacti plants for their favourite customers and staff, to take a bit of green back into their lives. 


Innovation Lab

Carriageworks, Sydney

Stretching the huge light filled top level and the level below beneath the heritage floorboards of the Elston Room of Carriageworks, we weaved in some large Rubber Plants and Travellers Palms for the Telstra Innovation Lab. Each of the 10 groups of 10 people also had bespoke pot arrangements lining the tables.